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Hi, I've had endo symptoms for as long as I can remember although my GP saying it was IBS. I was lucky in that the last GP I saw was a locum who had just done a stint in the gynae wards, she referred me straight away. This was in September, I'm on a list for a lap and dye (I'm also ttc).

I have been pregnant three times, my first was stillborn, second miscarried and I have a three year old son. I had horrid SPD during my pregnancies and I've been suffering the same hip/pelvis/groin/leg pain during ovulation and the week my period is due. Is this an endo symptom too?

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I am on the list for 1st lap and wondering if I can contact hopital to ask about dye too since also trying to conceive...how did you go about this? Is it ok to ask for during the same op? I havnt had any fertility tests yet but if they can do it then if rather do that! I have those pains too during ovulation and period. Mostly hip and into let. Take care..Lisa x


Hi Lisa, my consultant asked if I was ttc, and said she would put ensue through. However, I needed fertility treatment in order to conceive my son. I'm thinking that's why i was offered the dye? Anyway, there's no harm in asking your Dr.



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