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Feeling frustrated


I need to ramble I'm not feeling myself and since my laparoscopy in June my stomach hasn't been the same. My stomach swelling up after any meal but particularly after a main meal in the evening. The gynaecologist registra on my follow up appointment in August said it was unrelated when I mentioned it to her. But still it keeps happening and it's often during finishing my meal it starts and once bloated stays bloated till the next day.

Has any one else had this experience?

I was told that during my laparoscopy they found my endometriosis was every where both sides of my overies much worse that scan had indicated. I'm also aware not all of it was removed. Since Friday last week I have started feeling nauseous on and off during the day similar to how I felt last year and how it came about for me to have a laparoscopy. & also how I found out I had endometriosis as I didn't know before. I'm worried the cysts back and the endometriosis spread again I know I should be round the doctors and not rambling on but getting an appointment is a night mare plus I find they look at me like I'm a πŸ₯œ lol. I be clear I rarely round the doctors so to go and then feel like u a πŸ₯œ nutter not a good feeling!! Few months back I brought my own Ca125 test and did it and it is elevated but not as high as before.

And to top all this I have found a lump lower back near my bottom no less. I feel very fed up πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ˜•

Sorry ramblings over x

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I feel your pain,

I have been worse since surgery with pain, bowl symptoms and bloating. Only good thing is I can pee easier since the cyst removal. I also didn't know I had Endo and was going in for a cyst removed to wake up to be told I have severe Endo . I too am fed up :(

Ramble away, we need to get things off our chest .

Hope the lump isn't anything sinister


Hi Paulambax

Thanks for replying I was told my endo middle of the road lol so not really an answer when I asked how bad it was. I went in originally for cysts on both overies but gynaecologist was convinced I had endometriosis and he was right.

I'm sorry you get bloated but nice also to hear that I not alone πŸ˜• I keep hoping the bloatedness will stop but I have a feeling it will become the norm routine now. I'm also late again with my period only had one very bad one in October since my laparoscopy. Not that I care if no periods but i am like a time bomb lol wearing pads waiting for the floods to start!

As for my lump I have done the worst thing and found lump pictureson the Internet and found it could be one of three things. Lol 😲 Neither option is appealing and today I have back ache and as usual I now worried that the cause not my previous disc pronlem.

Thing is I have all weekend to wait to find out as can't see a doctor till next wk! To get an appointment with my surgery I find I have to be there waiting for them to open. But that clashes with school runs sadly and I don't always have a school run person as we have a distance to drive each morning and traffic makes journey much worse πŸ˜’.

So Monday it is πŸ˜• I be back rambling Monday I suppose.

Thank you for replying I need to ramble lol



Anytime, we all need to ramble, and stay away from the internet, it’s the worse thing you u can do ...πŸ™ˆ

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