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Planned hysterectomy not happened

Meant to of had a planned and requested hysterectomy today Nov 6 2017.

History of endometriosis and had many cysts removed o er the years

Ended up having right overy removed keyhole due to it badicslly being a mess and my bowel is stuck to my womb. Been advised that need to seek a bowel specialist to discuss my options.

My gyne surgeon is a really good surgeon and speciilizes in endementrois

I asked if I will need a bag if they take all or part of my bowel. I am so worried and yes I know there is no definite answer yet due to needing to see the surgeon for bowel.

Any advice be grateful received.

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Aww fingers xsd u don't need bag think they got 2 just prepare u for out come hope u OK x


Not really as it's the unknown. And having to wait for a follow appt with my gyne for a de brief about today then waiting for an appt to see bowel surgeon. Was really hoping to have all this sorted before xmas and be a new woman. Lol.

Now got to keep going through the pain till something is done. Fed up with it all. X


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