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Throbbing hell!

I wondered if anyone else experiences a throbbing pain on either one or both sides of the body? It's actually on the side of my body sort of in between my hip and rib cage. I'm mid month but the same happened last month where I have an excruciating throbbing pain that sometimes can take my breath away. It only lasts a few hours but it's really horrible. I had some ashesions taken away about 6 years but it seems to have come back with a vengeance over the past 6 months.

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I get this, mine is intense breath taking for 10 mins then is duller. It’s recently got worse when I exercise. So I’ve stopped exercising now.

It’s a scary pain because it’s like a stab in the side. I get it on both sides just under bottom rib 😣. It feels crippling as it’s a hard place to comfort yourself.

I’ve got my 1st lap very soon so I am anxious to hear where endo is found and if I can relate it to these pains.

If you don’t mind me asking, where were your adhesions found?

Liv xx


Originally my adhesions were found round the front of my stomach, on my right hand side close to my ovaries. The pain I used to get then was excruciating but after having the laparoscopy it disappeared for about 5 years. But now I'm experiencing the pain round the side and especially in my back. Last month I could've cried with the back pain and that isn't even around the time of my period. It seems to get worse about 2 weeks before I'm due on. I have been back to the doctor but it seems I have to be completely floored and unable to do anything before they will consider surgery again😞 I was basically told to keep taking painkillers. I have about one week a month of no pain it seems. Once you have the laparoscopy it will feel amazing and hopefully you'll be pain free for some time. I'm so glad someone else feels this pain in the side too. It's a bizarre disease to have and trying to explain to people can be so difficult

Lou x

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I completely agree. It’s so hard to explain but on this forum so much really makes sense. I also have at best one week pain free, just after a bleed. Slowly then pain builds up to the next bleed.

Other thing I’ve noticed is people have so many different experiences. My heart goes out to when people struggle with being taken seriously or getting appointments. Really hope something more will be done for you, it’s not a pain I’d accept to live with.

Best of luck taking it further xx


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