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Post op findings and happenings

Hi ladies, first time I have posted on here...

After 14 years, I was finally seen by endo specialist. I felt riddled with it and all knotted - esp when standing up, moving certain ways, going to toilet etc.

I had my lap and a hyterscopy on Friday. They found a small amount of endo on the left of the pouch of douglas. I asked a consultant if that would explain all the pain that I would be in- esp going to toilet etc...he said no. I asked what was it...but didnt have an answer.

Anyone else had pouch of douglas endo remove that has helped symptoms in other areas?

This may be TMI but after 3 days of not being able to go to the loo, when I eventually did, I bled quite a bit from my vagina? Anyone else experience this?

Sorry for long story x x x

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