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Ovarian Cyst

Hello All

Not sure if this is a silly question but can you feel an ovarian cyst? I get a lot of sharp pains and aches around my left ovary. Also I sometimes feel that in certain positions I feel like there is something in there? I do have a bit of swelling around my lower abdomen and it is a bit worse on the left side.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I’ve never had a cyst that I’m aware of and these symptoms are newish I’ve been having them for a while but just wanted to get some opinions from what other people have experienced before I go to my GP on Monday.

Thanks x

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Hi. Yes makes sense to me I had a chocolate cyst on my right ovary and I could feel when I bent down or slept in certain positions, when I first had the cyst I didn't notice it but by the time it was removed it was a bit smaller than a football and if I lay down you could see it and the specialist could feel it . Definitely worth going to see them as you might need a scan to check it's size. Good luck xx


Wow that’s big! I’m back at the gp on Monday after a bad appointment at my gyne am still trying to get diagnosed but struggling to get anywhere :( the gyne did say they would request another scan. Thank you for the reply. Xx


Sometimes, not always. Two hospital doctors have told me on separate occasions that if I had a cyst, they’d be able to feel it during an examination. Because they couldn’t feel mine, they dismissed my concerns. The first time it happened, I returned home. The cyst burst leaving me in the worst pain of my life. It had been there all along, swelling like a balloon. A transvaginal ultrasound confirmed it.

The second time my suggestion of a cyst was dismissed, it showed up on a pelvic MRI.

I can successfully diagnose when I have a cyst based on how my body feels. My symptoms are ovary pain, bloating, difficulty bending down, sharp pain, etc.

The moral of the story is listen to your body and not always the doctor. x

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