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Recently diagnosed with endometriosis

Hi wondered if someone could help. I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis saw a gynogeoist last week.

I did mention the pain under my ribs he didn't seem to think much of it. It's got to be the worst pain I've ever experienced plus the pain I have in my ovaries a week before my period during and a week after. It's ruining my life it's gotten worse over the past 4 months. I used to be active go to the gym swimming and I only go out once a week on my bike now which isn't me.

I am meant to be training for London to Brighton on road and Winchester to Eastbourne off road .

Breathing in currently is very painful, laying on that side, I find pressing it and hot water bottle helps or helps mentally anyway. Sometimes the pain feels like someone is sticking a burning sharp rod inside my stomach twisting and turning for a few moments, goes then comes back. Also feels like it's being stretched like a tearing feeling. Has anyone else had this? I also get pain in stomach when I pass stools. I also have pain when passing wind in stomach, it's very painful.Every month it seems to get worse that the last.

They want to try me on the oral contraceptives pills . I've googled them two of them do not seem to be the best at all and the other has so many side effects.

I used to be on the depo but came off as it made me put weight on.

I am dairy intolerant but still get such bad spots and rash type on my face. I've read somewhere that endometriosis can cause bad skin too.

So other yay this sucks moment.

I've tried to explain this to my manager as some days I can barely stand up straight how am I meant to drive to work...

Any answers would be great, don't really know what to do.

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Just a thought which may help... Endometriosis on the diaphragm can cause pain around ribs and shoulder blades & soreness when breathing - may be worth asking consultant again about that or perhaps even seeing a different consultant for a second opinion? In your position, I would personally want to get a laparoscopy to see exactly what was going on re the endo and where it is. Having pain when going to the loo plus other pain could mean some recto-vaginal involvement which can be serious and cause a lot of damage/adhesions internally. I think you should seek an opinion from an endo specialist to be honest (check out the BSGE website for one in your local area). One thing I’ve learnt with this illness you have to be proactive and just not listen to one general gnaecologist. Pain in your ovaries could possibly point to chocolate cysts although not always but in your position I’d rather have a diagnostic lap to see exactly the extent of the endo and then consider my options as to whether hormone drug therapy is best not just short term but longer term too. All the very best, it’s a horrid illness x x


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