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Running and clots - advice needed please

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Hi. I recently started jogging (very slowly!) and when I say jogging, I’m not amazing at jogging for a long period of time as my legs aren’t strong enough yet. The most I have jogged before stopping is 7 mins and I’ve only gone a total of 2 miles so far.

Before I did this, my endo was fairly settled but since this jogging, my pain has increased and I have been bleeding constantly since my period 14 days ago. I have not jogged since last weekend but the blood is getting heavier and is coming out in clots, not normal blood.

I seem fine in the morning but as the day goes on it gets heavier and even walking short distances makes me bleed more.

Has anyone else experienced this?

For info I have had symptoms for 17 years and was officially diagnosed with a laporoscopy 2 and a half years ago.

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Wow you poor thing, I stopped running because I used to get the most horrendous pain in my stomach. I never got bleeding though. If it’s not coincided with your period I would seek advice as that sounds too long. Best wishes x

You need to see someone asap - you could end up anaemic if you aren’t already.

Are you taking meds’ that could cause this as an effect? Sounds hormonal to me - but you need an experts opinion.

See your dr.

Thank you both for the advice. Ironically, I have never ended up anaemic when I’ve had really bad times bleeding which always seems to baffle the docs. I’ve made no changes to anything other than taking up jogging. I guess I didn’t speak to the doc as I’m worried they will say I need to stop and I want to just be ‘normal’ but you’re both right x

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