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Tips for Working life with Endo?

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Hiya, I am quite worried that my employer will not cover me for sick leave. I am covered with sick leave for those odd few days when I am ill, but for something big like Laparoscopy I am not sure... Do you have any tips for managing your working life whilst recovering?

If not, health insurance seems quite a luxury but I am worried I won't be paid and therefore will lose my flat!

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Hello there! Can you check at all with your HR department what is your paid sick leave entitlement? I work in a Uni so our HR policies are clearly defined (and i know i'm lucky for that!) and we are entitled a certain number of paid sick-leave days per year depending on how long we've been employed there. If you've used your whole entitlement, you should be able to still get statutory sick pay (which i believe is minimum wage) for the period of time you need to take off.

I had a big wrist surgery last year and had to take 6 weeks off, it was not a problem at all and still received a full pay as I was entitled to up to 4 months of paid sick leave.

I hope this helps but I would defo check with your HR department!


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