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Brain function slowing down + fatigue

Hi Girls,

I just had a quick question. I have had endo for about 2 years now and last year I had a lap to remove it. I felt so good after that until low and behold it came back again! Now my main challenge is to stay awake! Thing is...I can stay awake but I feel drowsy and I have lack of energy constantly and my eyes feel really heavy all day every day although I can stay awake until midnight watching films but that would mess me up the next day (is this the same for everyone else or are you unable to even do that much?).

Along with this I have noticed that I am unable to read at my normal pace and I can't digest information as quick as I used to. Does anyone have any similar symptoms? Comments are much appreciated!

Have a good day girls x

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I always thought I was a sleepy person and my mum would complain that I need to go to bed earlier because I would sleep 12-11am but I always got too much sleep even when I get less sleep I'm tired I never wake up full of energy. I tend also to get eye ache rather than headache. The morning is actually when my endo/ibs symptoms are the worst sometimes I dont wake up in time to eat when my stomach wants to eat (like today) I know that nearly the rest of the day I will have stomach pain.


I would be the same I could lay in bed all day although I tend to naturally wake up early because my body clock is in tune for work but I'm still tired. I get eye ache as well and sometimes it starts having spasms but that could also be related to my tonsils as they are constantly inflamed. I also have mild achy pain around my cheek so the sinus area. Is this with you as well?


I tend to not sleep that long anymore because I'm on a work placement. No sorry mines more of a headache in my eyes.


I've had trouble with my memory and studying whilst I'm doing my degree. I've been in agony when I've done 12 hr shifts too, it's hard to have a life with endometriosis 😔


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