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MRI results tomorrow

Hi. I get results of my MRI tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty nervous. A few months ago I would have trusted my intuition, but since my laparoscopy in August it has felt like each consultation reveals more bad news. I know its a waste of energy to be worrying before I get to the hospital, and that there's a chance the scan will show insights meaning they can step back their plans for bowel surgery for me... but I'm pretty scared! I also have my boss out on a field visit with me the day after and I have no idea what state I'm gonna be in! She doesn't really know what I'm dealing with cos I'm still within my 90 day probation at new job. My fatigue at the moment is terrible and her visit will be a huge challenge even without my appointment the night before!

I have noone I can express these fears to, so just wanted to post here...

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Best of luck with your mri result I hope it's good news! It's natural to be nervous I'm the same but take it as it comes don't even think of work till after! I'm such a worrier especially over work but ultimately it's our health that is most important. Try not to think too far ahead with worries that's what gets me in a panic each hurdle as it comes 😊 Do you mind me asking but you said show insights and your bowel surgery? I have endo on my bowels and think I need surgery (awaiting a much needed specialist appointment) I've never had an mri either how did you get one? Xx

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Hi. Thank you for replying. U r right: health must come first. I left a secure job of ten years partly due to clash of my endo and unforgiving work load. I have a new mortgage and a child to support so its easy for me to push my health aside.. but it is true that health should come first.

So I was referred to a specialist at hospital by my gp for suspected endo and for secondary infertility. Before any investigation the consultant said he thought I had endo of bowel and left ovary. I have to say I got lucky cos in 25 years(!) he's been to ONLY medic to really seem to be interested in what I was going through. They took photos during the lap he referred me for that clearly showed not only both my ovaries embedded in peritoneal lining by adhesions, but also a couple of clear patches of endo on bowel. Also there was significant growth of tissue pulling my uterus back and adhering it to bowel.. I saw photo of this and it was v disturbing due to its mass. Apparently its benign. I didn't ask for MRI but my consultant referred me for it.. he said he needed to be clear of how deep it has gone partly so they can plan surgery accordingly and partly so he can bring in a colorectal surgeon aswell as gynaecological one. I think I've just (finally) been v lucky with my consultant. He seems genuinely interested and has asked lots of questions. He works for nhs but also privately so ive switched to his private clinic to shorten wait times and cos I trust him... trust being such a rare thing for me after such a long struggle to be heard!

However, I do know that the scan is costing about £600 plus 2 private consultations of an hour(!) each.. £1000 altogether. Its possible to do this off your own bat if need to.

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Thankyou for all that information! I really need to find a good specialist could you private message me what hospital he's at? Your right too it is easy to push health aside especially when the pain is under control I'm guilty of this but trying to put me first now just praying my work are supportive. Best of luck with your field visit I hope you pass your probation and again goodluck for tomorrow!x

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