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How long for hysterectomy UK?

I. Was given the green light for a full hysterectomy last month by my consultant [edited to comply with our code of conduct] and was wondering how long wait for the op you all had? I'm not coping with the pain very well at the moment and have been off sick since last Thursday and put on tramadol (evil stuff avoid of you can!) and doc is calling me back today to ask for alternative pain relief. I've never been knocked off my feet like this before with it. Yesterday I had pre-booked a safari park visit with my kids so didn't want to let them down that we hired a wheelchair for me to be in-that was a first!

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Are you being seen at a bsge centre? I had my hyst earlier this year at the big bsge centre in London. It was a long wait I'm afraid, as it was done as a 2 step process - I waited 16 weeks from seeing the consultant for the first surgery to drain the cysts on my ovaries and fully map the disease, and then another 18 weeks for the hyst as I needed the bowel surgeon and his team as well.

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Unfortunately my area doesn't have a bsge centre nearest one is outside of my trust. I don't know how I would get a referral to one of them? Asking my doctor I might as well bang my head against a brick wall as she hasn't be useful at all - she even forgot to put in my initial referral to the hospital so after 12 weeks of not hearing anything I chased it up! The endo consultant agreed to a full hysterectomy including ovaries after failed laps and numerous different chemical routes.


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