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Newbie: Looking for advice

Bit of background about me - I was diagnosed with endometriosis around two years ago, I had a laparoscopy with helica laser treatment (spelling!) that is when they discovered the endometriosis and an cyst on one of my Fallopian tubes, which they removed. I am 18 so I know i am very lucky to be diagnosed so young, I was lucky to find one GP who recognised the pain i was getting and after many visits and trails with doctors and being fobbed off about what i was experiencing and being told there was no way I could have endometriosis because i was too young i was finally diagnosed. The helica treatment i mentioned earlier is the only treatment i have ever had for my endometriosis. I have the nexplan implant in my arm as i was told it would make my periods lighter and i would have less of them, although i do not bleed every month i do get period symptoms every month and when i do have a 'proper' period it is just hell and i can be doubled over in pain. I am growing increasingly concerned as i think the endometriosis may now be affecting my bowels and bladder. The advice i am after is - what should be my next step treatment wise? & has anyone elses endometriosis affecting other body parts, if so what did you do? & does endometriosis get worse if left untreated?

Thank you! I hope someone can help.

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