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What pain relief works for you?


The latest I’ve been prescribed is mefenamic acid but it doesn’t work at all! Codeine doesn’t either. Unsure what to do next?

My pre op was 24/10 but I had a letter today and it’s been rescheduled to the 3/11 which is annoying!

Currently sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle, i usually only get real bad pains due on and during period but I’m mid cycle and it’s so bad today!!

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before surgery i was on prostap and using mefenamic acid, codeine, paracetamol and diclofenac suppositories in combination (so all at the same time). It brought my pain down enough that i could cope at home.

Naproxen helps a bit with my period pain but only if I start taking it a few days before my period which is hard to do as it's not regular. I get daily pain that varies in intensity and for that I'm prescribed slow release tramadol at different strengths and endone for the worst days. None of this takes the pain away but it generally helps, although recently I have had to attend a&e when I can't take it any more (usually ovulation pain does this). I am trying to conceive so trying to put off having another surgery right now. I would go back to your GP and ask to try something else.

I've just been given Gabipenten from my Gp today after trying all the other painkillers e.g different strengths of codeine, mefexamic acid etc. He said it works for people with chronic pain by working with the pain receptors in our brain so it's more a neurological approach. I'll give it and go and let you know if it's any good 😊

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I’ve been on this a while now, only a low dose at 100mg 2 times a day and it does help a little bit. I tried increasing as this isn’t really enough to manage the pain but I started with bad side effects. Hope it works for you!

Solphadine max and 400mg of ibuprofen seems to work for me. Im also on Prostap injections which are going ok. Ive had one bout of pain serious pain since i e been in the injections where i considered A&E. Ive tried mefenamic and trexamic etc. The solphadine and ibuprofen is the best ive tried so far

Im currently at work, in such pain and along side it, I have a banging headache, this seems to happen a lot too. Always get a headache with it :(

But I feel like I can’t leave work! As my boss is a bloke and I just don’t think he’ll get it!

Also we are short staffed today so I would feel bad. But I want to just curl up in bed :(

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