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Post op fed up

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for 7-8 years. My first 2 surgeries showed endometriosis in various places. Over the last 4 years I have been managing pain with acupuncture and medication. The pelvic pain on the left side has increased in the past 9months, particularly if I have a full bladder, so had further laparoscopy last week. However, they didn't find active endometriosis - so no idea what is causing the pain. What do I do now? Has anyone else had this?

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Did they say if they found inactive endo or adhesions?


Hi, They didn't find any adhesions this time, and just said there was no active endometriosis. Whereas the last 2 times they found both. The pain is in a very specific place on the left side, and is worse when my bladder is full/just emptied.


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