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After years of CFS/FIbro gyno just told me today she thinks I have endometriosis. How effective are the treatments?

Hi today I had my first appointment with a gynecologist after I heard about endo and realised I had all the symptoms. She has prescribed me yasmin and wants to see how I do. Any one have experience with this? Did it help with the pain? Are there any treatments anybody would recommend? How about the fatigue? Will I improve!? After years of being told it's cfs/FIbro I am excited at the prospect of possibly getting better in any way as I am mostly bed/house ridden. But don't want to get my hopes up too much. Anybody have a similar experience?

Also I have pains all down my legs & i become very uncomfortable walking or standing. I have read leg pains can be caused my endo. But they are achy pains and I get them a lot. Sometimes I get radiating pains near the top of my legs but these are not like the achy pains that go down to my calf. Any opinions on this? I think I might have a connective tissue disease as I also have white balls in my feet and a rash which I've had for some time... Seeing gp tomorrow about this but just wondered what are the odds it could be the endo too.

Thanks :)

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Sounds like you are having a pretty tough time! I can totally see how some symptoms of fibro/cfs could be similar to endo. I awaiting a diagnostic lap but my GP and Gynaecologist are pretty sure it's endo and my mum has cfs & fibro!

I also get leg pain, it starts from the top on my leg, almost radiating down from my lower abdomen/hips/lower back and then goes down into my legs. It's so uncomfortable and one of my most common symptoms.

I haven't tried Yasmin but I am on cerrelle and have the Mirena which hasn't stopped the daily pain but I don't have periods anymore so the monthly CRAZY pain has stopped at least! So maybe hormonal treatment will help you too?

The only thing I have found that touches the pain is tramadol, but I only take one at night as I don't want to be high as a kite all day 🙈 What do you do for pain management?

Have you considered the Mirena? It seems to help some people but make others worse.

Seeing my mum have fibro and cfs and having my health degrade due to endo over the last year I can see so many similarities, especially with the fatigue. However most of my symptoms tend to radiate from my pelvic and back area. I also notice that at some points during the day I will feel on top of the world before crashing again due to pains, my mum just feels poop ALL the time 🙈

Anyway, sorry for the ramble! I hope maybe some of that helps. Stay strong!! Xxx


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