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Right at the very beginning of the journey

I don't know if I have endometriosis or not as my GP has suggested I watch and make a diary and see him again in a couple of months.

See I've only just started physically feeling that something isn't right.

At 38 my last period had me feeling quite sick with cramps and I never really suffer from period cramps. Now my period is over I have a constant gnawing pain in my lower left side. It hurts me, almost stabbing, to go to the toilet from my back passage although the consistency is normal and soft. The GP feels it's too early to know what is going on but that I could possibly have endometriosis or just perimenopausal or have stomach bloating.

This is only my first month of pain but the constant gnawing pain says to me this is something very different to what I've experienced.

So I'm at the very beginning and very scared. Scared that it might be endometriosis and scared that it might be something else even more sinister but more so scared that I have to let time go by before I even can begin getting an understanding into this awful pain.

I just wanted to get my feelings in a place that might understand. I haven't told anybody about this because I don't really have anything to tell. I guess I just get on with my diary and wait.

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I could have written this 10 years ago. My one bit of advice is write a pain and food diary, as gluten, red meat and dairy can aggravate endo. I'm not sure where you are but push ur gp for a referral to gynaecologist and colonoscopy at your next appt. Buy plenty of painkillers xxx

Good luck Hun xxx


Aw thank you.

Funnily enough I gave up coffee yesterday and intend to start an elimination diet. I want to go armed with info the next time to try to avoid being fobbed off, although I think I am going to have to be in a lot of pain for some time before I can move closer to any type of investigation. That in itself is really worrying.

Thank you for your support. :)


Wow hang in there. Just joined site as well. Everything she said is true. I cut out a lot in my diet. I tried my best to cut out coffee but I can really be a monster without it🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝. That's the one thing I went back to with one cup each morning and a pain med. My heart is so with you. Sounds like your at the beginning😢😢😢😢please talk to gynecologist about everything. don't hold nothing back even if it feels weird saying it. most of all the pain is not made up. someone will make you feel this way. stay strong. communication is the key

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Hey, I'm at the beginning as well but seeing a gynae next month. I know exactly how your feeling with the pain and it could be endo etc. I've started a pain diary and noticed that gluten can set it off but didn't know this could be related to endo. I have the constant pain too but it tends to move around and is on my right a lot just near my pubic bone xx


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