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Advice needed

Hi I'm new to this site, after suffering excruciating pain for the last 8 months & been back and forward to the doctors, I've finally been referred to the hospital to see a gynaecologist which has taken 4 months to get an appointment. I've had an ultrasound which revealed cysts on my ovaries but in constant pain everyday, any advice on endometriosis would be grateful x

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Hi hun, sounds absolutely awful but I feel your pain. After weeks and weeks of waiting I had my gynecology appointment last week and I'm not waiting for an appointment for a laparoscopy.

There's not much advice to give until you have your appointment when you find out what the next steps are, but what I can say is keep pushing.. push your case and make sure they don't just dismiss you. I'm only 21 but have been dismissed since I was 14, and I'm only now getting somewhere. I hope the appointment goes well!

Also - hot water bottles are miracle workers!!!! Buy yourself a nice fluffy one. And call your GP and see if they can prescribe you something for the pain xx


Thank you so much for your reply, nice to know your not alone, cannot wait for gynaecology appointment next month & hope to have the laparoscopy.

I have been prescribed Naproxen painkillers, do you know if there is any others that help with the pain? And I will be purchasing a hot water bottle too. X


Maybe try and get some ponstan (mefenamic acid) you get it prescribed by your GP and that does help. Just make sure you properly stick to the dosage - it doesn't work if you don't!! X


Thank you for your reply will go back to the GP & see if I can get some prescribed for me xx


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