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So been for another gynaecology appointment today. So within 18month after having my c section with my baby boy, I've had 2 ops, first was to remove endo and adhesions, they inserted the merina but it came back with twice as much pain and the merina made me so irregular so was removed...the second op they removed more endo and adhesions and began me on back to back combined pill...the pain came back again so after waiting 4 months I've just been back to gynaecology who have said carry on with the back to back pill another 3 month if pain isn't gone then they're giving injections for 3 month, if that doesn't work then back to drawing board...basically they're trying to avoid the hysterectomy as I'm only 29 (with 1 child) but so far nothing working and I'm in agony constantly, sometimes I can barely move it's that bad. Out of the blue he also mentioned on my last op he noticed endometritis in my womb, but went on to talk about something else and didn't expand on why that would be an issue. (I'm worried as I've previously had cin2 on my smear test too and had to have a loop biopsy)... So frustrated I feel like I'm back to square one with more questions I need answered

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So sorry for all you are going through.

Endo in the womb is called Adenomyosis usually. It's symptoms overlap with Endo a lot. m.adenomyosisadviceassociat...



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