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Helica treatment for endometriosis

Hey all

I just recently had the above treatment. I had a 6cm chocolate cyst removed too on my right ovary. Usually most patients can go home the same night but woke up from surgery with a lot of stomach pain on my left side. I was told my stomach has a lot of fluid and was given quite a bit of morphine to control the pain. Just wanted to know if anyone else here has had the same or similar situation and if so what am I expected to follow next in terms of recovery and so on. Much appreciated xx

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Hi, I'm not sure what helica treatment is but I had a lap just over 3 weeks ago for stage 4 endo, excised from bowel and bilateral cysts, I was kept in for two nights (they knew the extent of endo so I wa advised two nights in advance but I also was on morphine). I'm three weeks out and feeling much better, looking to return to work next week. First week was toughest and by a week later after the removal of my stitches I was noticeably better. I was a little too eager though and went out for a big walk resulting in catching a cold and chesty cough which knocked me back. Recovery is different for everyone though, hope you are feeling better soon.


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