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Hi all.

I have had various tests after suffering with stomach pains for about 2 years. It all points to endometriosis. I am on the list to see a gynaecologist, but I am considering paying privately (out of desperation). If any sufferers can give me any advice on the process and effects of endometriosis. I've had to rely on google, as all the doctors I have seen have kind of shied away from explaining anything to me.

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Hi, everyone is different when it comes to symptoms, have you had a look on the Endometriosis uk website


I would advise going to a gynaecologist at a BSGE centre of excellence for treating endometriosis. I went to one on the NHS (I am from the UK) as there is one close to where I live. I would google for a list of these centres. I would also write a symptom diary, explaining the pain and other things you go through every day and how it affects your everyday life. You can then present this to the gynaecologist and ask for an ultrasound scan too as sometimes you can see endo from a scan particularly if there are any endometrioma cysts (as in my case). If it turns out that you are offered a laparoscopy (I would push for this if your symptoms are looking very much like endo), make sure that whilst they are diagnosing you during this keyhole op, they excise any endo deposits they come across. Some GPs will shy away from explaining it as they actually don't know enough about endo and it is the specialist you need to see. I am 42 now and I went 17 years without being diagnosed and I have undergone 4 operations. I believe my endo wouldn't have progressed as much as it did if my GPs were more aware of it and sent me to see a gynaecologist about it sooner. It is important to stand up for yourself with your health and get treated as soon as you can. Hope it works out for youx

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Thanks both the the reply. I have had an ultrasound for cysts which was clear (apart from the doctor saying they found something consistent with cysts (fluid or some similar term)


Hi again, before I got diagnosed it was fluid like what they seen on my ultrasound, I was just lucky I had a doctor who new what he was looking at, he told me there and then that he suspected Endometriosis and wanted to do the lap to confirm, which it did stage four, so definitely push for the lap x


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