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Need some advice please

Hi all its my first time on here....i was diagnosed with severe endometriosis a few weeks ago.i went to see my consultant yesterday who told me its now attached to my bowel and i had a first injection of decapeptyl....i hardly know anything about this condition and now im being reffered to a specialist consultant and have no idea what will happen.was just wondering if anyone is goin through the same thing.

Thanks in advance.xx

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Hi Evie1101,

Endometriosis UK have lot's of information and publications that will be able to help you. endometriosis-uk.org/inform... We also have a helpline run by volunteers who have experience of endometriosis. The helpline is open most days, the times can be viewed here: endometriosis-uk.org/helpline and our free helpline number is: 0808 808 2227

You may also find our support groups useful as a place where you can discuss endometriosis and the issues you are facing with other sufferers. You can take a look here: endometriosis-uk.org/suppor... to find out if there is one in your local area.

Best Wishes,

MMary, Moderator, Endometriosis UK


Thank you for your reply x


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