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Endo symptoms & male fertility issues

Hi, this is my first time posting but I need advise. I'm 27 & have had many symptoms of endo since the age of 14, heavy, extremely painful periods which can even make me throw up, abdominal and back pain, IBS symptoms, constant tiredness, leg pain plus more. As a result of this I was put on the pill at 14 by my GP and no further investigations carried out despite there being a long list of females in my family with endo inc my mum & grabdma. My partner & I have been trying to conceive for 5+ years now with no luck. Last year our GP sent us for various investigatory tests, the outcome being that my partner has low sperm count & mobility. Whilst at Gynae I explained my symptoms & family history, I also expressed my concerns not only due to being unsuccessful in conceiving but also due to my mum being advised at my age that her endo was so severe that she only had at most a year to conceive. The gynae doc advised he beleives I do have endo however is unwilling to carry out a lap due to my weight. Due ti my partners fertility issues we were advised we would be entitled to IVF when I got my BMI down to 35. I'm currently down to 37 and almost there however in the meantime the guidlines for our NHS trust have changed to 30 for NHS funded couples. I feel so deflated. I have seen in the news that today the NICE guidlines have changed for Endo & am going to get back intouch with Gynae to insist on a lap. Do any of you have any advise or experiences similar to mine? Feeling really alone & worried I'm never going to get the chance to be a mum xxxxx

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I've had endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I've had about 9 surgeries. 1 hysterectomy and a cystectomy. I can say that I've leaned alot about this disease. It's not cureable it produces hormones on its on. I was able to have 3 kids. After my last surgery in June it's terrible for me. Can't hardly leave the bed. Back pain pelvis legs and nausea. The best thing I ever had Lupron.

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Gosh, it sounds like you've really been through it with all those Ops. I've always wanted 2 children but would do absolutely anything just for 1. I hope you're feeling better soon and they manage to help you xxxxx


Received my shot on yesterday Lupron 11.25. Gonna see how long it last. I hope that your night is pain free and manageable


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