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Endometriosis? Pid?

Hi all, new to this site but after multiple scans and hospital trips I'm hoping maybe someone has something similar or can relate??

Approx 7 months ago I was treated for a water infection, still to date I have lower back pain (daily) and bouts of acute pelvic pain which has led to three hospital admissions. Any internal examination causes unbearable pain. Swabs all clear. I am being treated for endometriosis but the medication has made no improvement and they are now thinking this isn't the cause. Also in this time I have been treated for pid but again no improvement. I have now seen a urologist and Am booked for an outpatient appt for them to insert the camera. I'm running out of ideas.

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Hi there, have you have a laparoscopic exam? I'm having one next week, as they aren't sure if endo or pelvic congestion.

Shayla x


Thank you so much for your reply. I think this will be on the cards, I have another appt with the consultant on Thursday.

Pelvic congestion? Sorry to sound ignorant but I've never heard of that before x


Nor had I.... it's just as glamorous as endo with similar symptoms! X


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