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Ultrasound, ovarian cyst

Hi everyone

So after changing doctors when my previous gp told me I was fine, I've just had an ultrasound today which revealed a large cyst on one of my ovaries.

The lady carrying out the scan didn't say too much, pretty much said it's nothing to worry about.

I've now got to wait until next week to see my doctor to discuss the results and next steps.

Anyone else been in this situation, what was your outcome?

Although I'd rather not have a huge cyst I'm pleased I'm not going mad and that my symptoms aren't all in my head after all!!!

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When I went in for my ultrasound I was told the same thing. I was then put on birth control pills and had a diagnostic laparoscopy (for suspected endometriosis) and by the time I had it done the cysts (I had multiple) shrunk.

However during the lap I had a small patch of something removed. I say "something" because my surgeon thought it was endo (as she does excision surgery for endo frequently) but the pathologist did not think so. My surgeon said it may have been because it was a small sample but who knows.


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