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Help I have I made my the wrong decision

I need some help as I don't know if I have made the right decision.

I was sent to A and E on Thursday by my GP after I went to him with a possible UTI/Kidney infection. The urine test came out negative to UTI but I had pain in my lower right side of abdominal. They did tests in A and E, I went for ultrasound and it all came out ok with no signs of possible appendicitis.

The next step was to perform the surgery of having camera down my stomach and if it's appendix to remove that. I was so scared and In 2 minds. I hated being in the hospital and my gut feeling was it was a kidney/UTI infection. I had not slept or eater for 36 hours

After speaking with the consultatant it was agreed I would go home and monitor the situation. The pain started to get better. If it became worse I would go back to a and e.

Now at home I think I have made the wrong decision and compromised my health.

What do you think I should do?

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I don't think we can really advise you sweetie. Only you know your body and severity of the symptoms...if it's not improving and you are scared go back and get readmitted.

Why didthey think gastro not Endo? If you have right side pain i guess it could be a small cyst or adhesion pain. I dont know you if would normally expect them to show on ultrasound. Did they not want to do an MRI?

I guess a camera may be less invasive than an exploratory lap...? Are you under a BSGE centre for endo already?


Hi thank you replying back. I'm in tears at the moment because I'm so scared. I haven't had an MRI.

I have only had a ultra sound. Because of my symptoms they the worst case for the doctors was appendicitis. But I had symptoms start on Monday and by today they were the same and had not got worse.

I am not under a BSGE centre.


I think it sounds like they need to find out what's causing your pain. Do you have endometriosis? With abdominal pain it's very difficult without doing further tests. Don't be afraid of the tests hun. I have had the camera in my abdomen before (a laparoscopy) it is a painless, key hole day surgery. They pump some gas into your abdomen too and only feels uncomfortable for short time afterwards (a few hours) like a bit of wind, while the gas subsides. But I would ask that they do the MRI first - that's just a painless scan - and would show up any issues. Try not to worry- you are doing the best thing for your health by having these two tests- they are both very simple, non-risky procedures. xx


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