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wondering if anyone has experience of adenomyosis. Consultant has booked a hysterectomy but is planning to leave the ovaries. I had been told following my lap that my right ovary is stuck to my bowel slightly and consultant thinks that my extreme pain during my periods is due to adenomyosis. I also have a very large womb with a large fibroid. Any advice from anyone who's had similar situation please.

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Hi I'm waiting to have hysterectomy due to adenomyosis leaving my ovaries!!


Hi, I also have this and was told by my surgeon that it is more painful than Endometriosis because it is in the muscles of the womb


That's exactly what I have hun. Stage 4 Endo with Adenemyosis. Very painful - during periods, ovulation and bowel movements. I've blacked out with pain a few times. One gynaecologist wanted to do a complete pelvic evacuation (including ovaries - as I'm not planning on having children); however I was concerned about the bowel and bladder involvement (and the surgeon hadn't allayed my fears about how he was going to deal with that) so I've gone to another surgeon who has a team of support from both bowel and bladder surgeons (forgive me for not using the correct titles), and he performs more radical surgeries. He has said he wants more up to date picture of what's happening inside (and has ordered a new MRI and another laparoscopy day surgery) before discussing best approach with his team. The surgery carries risks and a temporary colostomy bag; and stent in ureta may be required (which is what scared me, hence the second opinion). Both surgeons I've seen are BSGE accredited. x


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