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I was supposed to have a follow up app with my consultant today, as I have just finished my here month course of zoladex. However, the hospital rang me this morning and have cancelled the appointment. The next appointment isn't until November, does anyone have any advice on what I can do? As I'm worried that I've now finished my zoladex injections and have no plan?

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You can have up to a max of 6 months on zoladex so if it's been working for you could ask to extend the treatment to tide you over. ? Perhaps also asking to go on a short notice cancellation list and say you need a urgent medication review?


If you ring your gp surgery and explain your problem then their secretary can rush a new appointment through for you, especially if you explain why. You could also get in touch with your consultant's secretary and ask her to find out what he recommends - the consultant won't usually have been the person to cancel the appointment!


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