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Laparoscopy update


I posted this under my old thread last night, but thought I'd put it under a new thread.

I had my laparoscopy late yesterday afternoon and was quite tearful/down after I came round. The lap revealed only a small amount of endo, which was removed. I forgot to ask if there was anything on my bowel/bladder, but hopefully she'll be able to tell me when I see her.

I feel like I'm back at square one with no explanation for the fatigue (unless its adenomyosis) and no explanation for the random abdominal pains. No idea what is causing the nausea...I half feel like I'm imagining it all.

What's upset me more than anything is that whilst I was in the anaesthetic room, my anaesthetist made this comment 'she's not a very nice person'. I'll likely never know for sure who he was talking about, but it really upset me. It was even more upsetting for the fact I didn't feel able to address it at the time as this was the person who would be responsible for my life for the next hr or more. No idea if or how to address this now.

The lap is over, but I can't help feeling quite low. Any advice would be appreciated.


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