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Hormone changes - normal?!

Hi all,

So in Tuesday I'm having my (copper) coil out and we're on the road to trying to conceive! Excited and nervous!! :-)

Over the last 6-9 months though, I feel like my hormones have been all over the place and I was wondering if it was normal or something to do with endo?

As a standard I tend to get a lot of pain during periods and ovulation time, particularly on my left side. But literally out of the blue (never had it before) my breasts started becoming unbelievably painful during my periods - like wearing a bra was torture! It would happen if either a few days before, mid period or after my period, no rhyme or reason. Then suddenly I had nothing for a few months, then it started again. Suddenly this month I have again exceptionally painful breasts but it's during ovulation! I'm now getting more days of having breast pain than not, which combined with having more days of endo pain than not isn't great!! On top of that, I have the most horrendous hormone spot on my face, mid month! Put up with it during periods of but for goodness sake, I'm 33 I could really do without a horrendous teenage type spot :-( so hormones definitely seem. To be behaving very strangely compared to my normal.

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