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No endometriosis found at lap


Hello Ladies

I hope you are all doing as well as possible.

I had a second laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on Wednesday this week : this was under a BSGE Specialist Gynaecologist. Previously had stage 4 diagnosed end of 2015 which was operated on, along with kissing ovaries. Adenomyosis and frozen pelvis had also been found. We had two failed ivf cycles in the year after surgery.

Fast forward to this year, managed to get referred to Specialist who carried out mri scan and was worried as scan showed very extensive endometriosis suggesting advanced disease. Ureter was blocked and kidney swollen so had two stents inserted soon after.

At the lap on Wednesday this week though, there wasn't really much to suggest endometriosis but instead lots of adhesions. Gynaecologist thinks possibly due to older infection? We're really confused though - if mri showed such extensive disease, should it not have shown up at the laparoscopy? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar? Thank you so much X

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I had same had pcos and endo diagnosed at 19. Tues had my first lap and nothing!! Ovarys are healthy. No active endo. All looked healthy. No adhesions. Just clot to quick which mean i have bad periods.

Also i have bad food intolerances which they think is the problem not gynae

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