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Does this explain everything I've experienced?


Hi everyone,

Just found this and thought you might be best to lay my thoughts to bed until I see the gyny hopefully soon. I've been having horrendous uti symptoms for the last year almost, to the point I went to a specialist, had a cystoscopy, and got told it was all in my head. That was in January.

February had break through bleeding (been on the implant since April last year) and lasted 3 weeks. Doctor prescribed something that stops bleeding (can never remember name of it) and it was done.

Mid may I started bleeding again, lasted 4 weeks. Haven't really properly stopped since, will pause for a few days, bleed again, pause, start. Doctor sent me for an ultrasound, which revealed cysts on my left ovary. He thinks that the source of bleeding is endometriosis however.

I've been having heavy irregular periods for as long as I can remember, and been on the pill/implant to control them. Feel like the hormones are sending me crazy which is why I went to the doc in the first place, so the idea of controlling endo, if it is endo, with hormones is my worst nightmare :(

Just needed to get all that out as there's no one I can really talk to about what I'm going through.

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The endometriosis diet is really helpful in balancing the hormones naturally. I rejected birth control as a treatment method - it messes with my brain - and followed the diet instead. It gave me my life back.

I didn't experience the bleeding and can't advise you on that. I hope you get this diagnosed and resolved quickly. x

Mupon in reply to ThaliaThalia

wow, I am stunned at how many women have to go through hell and back before getting a diagnosis. It makes me so angry that women's health issues 'are all in our heads'! I was also told that treating the symptoms of pain was the solution to my pain. This is unacceptable, be firm, be knowledgeable and be insistent that there is a problem.

I have used the pill, and at the time it was an either or situation, a hysterectomy or the pill. I agree that there are other ways we can get our hormones in balance. Food and Yoga are two things that I am trying. Best of luck.

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