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New job depression and endometriosis

Hi everyone I am new to this site..I need some advise, I have been suffering with depression on and off for years now I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2014 but have been suffering for years before hand. I was signed off work (old job) for 2months with depression endo is really affecting my physical and mental health massively each and everyday is different I have 3 children 28 years old and finding it really hard to live a normal life. I started a new job within retail working 39 hrs a week, I know it's to soon but I started my new job yesterday luckily today I have a day off I am in pain all over legs are swelling up aching over neck and back I am due back into work tomorrow and I don't know if I am going to be able to do it. I wish I would have said in my interview but I need and want to work and live a normal life but it's affecting me so much I am now worrying getting myself worked up over what do I do with the new job? I've already had 1 lap in 2014 gp has referred me back which I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital for appointment been waiting 3months for. I feel so drained feel sick aching top to toe. How am I going to over come this ? What will I say to work? I don't want to loose my job at the same time I don't have any energy to work 8-9 hour shifts. I feel like I'm failing and letting myself down especially my kids.

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I guess you could ask for part time shifts? I feel for you I was promoted the week of my diagnosis 6 months ago and if I'd known.....it's a struggle.

Have you thought about your own business or retraining for a office job so you are not on your feet all day?


Thank you for replying..I really don't know how to approach the boss regarding it all and how they going to react I don't want people talking about me or looking at me like I'm unreliable..as it's management I don't really think they would put my hours down..aww bless you this really isn't nice what so ever I do hope you are coping ok with your new role..I have thought about different jobs but I don't have any gcse behind me I have thought about office work but I'm not all that good with spelling go brain dead half the time I did look into driving instructing all this illness is affecting my life relationship friendships home life.


Thanks Liss89 good luck investigating the driving. Or you could start a cleaning business lots of demand, or go back to school for a couple GCSEs, or do social media online stuff x . You write well here.

Me, just an emotional wreck, spending most of my days trying not to have an emotional breakdown and break down in tears. But every day I survive is a day more of my mortgage. Gotta tough it out as long as I can survive.


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