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Finally - Gynae appointment!

Hello lovelies!

After asking for 18 months I finally got my referal and have an appointment at the end of the month to see a gynae specialist. I have had swabs and bloods done so they will have those results when I attend.

I am so scared of the appointment. I have no idea what to expect, I am also due on that day so worried about whether or not I will physically be able to attend. I want a family soon and terrified they will want to do tests or procedures that will affect my chances. Really worried they won't believe me, I feel like I have to really explain my pain to a lot of people.. as if I am beind dramatic or something.

Just feeling very very worried and nervous about it. i have had to wait months for the referal and had to book the appointment for ten weeks after my referal came through... what if the wait for the next stage is more months?! I'm on tramadol when Im on my period and have codiene for pain in between. I haven't been so scared of anything before :(

My partner is really supportive, he might be able to come with me to the appointment but not sure yet. Might be better to go on my own as I have to discuss the clots and things...

What did everyone else have discussed/done at their first gynae apts??


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My first appointment was really straightforward. At that point, I'd had a clear(ish) ultrasound but also had raised CA125. I'd been to A&E for pain relief. The gynae asked me about my periods, asked if I had pain during sex, and told me he was sure it was endo and booked me in for surgery. Unfortunately that appointment didn't put me any further forward in terms of treatment as I was not offered further pain relief or hormone treatments until the I'd had the surgery and they realised quite how severe my disease was. I waited 8 weeks for that first surgery. Hang in there. It can get better. x.


Thank you so much for your reply. Ah CA125 is scary one, I request that for patients all the time for ovarian tumor marker biomarkers (although I know lots of things can raise it!). I am going to push for surgery, I'm so scared they won't take me seriously. I've had a few friends get annoyed when I have had to cancel plans etc so am a bit worried about how they will treat me or if they think I am lying oir exaggerating about symptoms.

I will put a post up after the appointment 17 days to go!! Not that I'm counting down or anything! One of my best friends has offered to come with me as we both work in the building opposite where the appointment will be.

I hope your surgery helped? Sending endo support cuddles! xx

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There's really nothing to worry about, I promise. You'll discuss your symptoms and you'll be asked a series of questions to help them establish if it's endometriosis. They may examine you (externally) if you're presenting with pain at the appointment, for e.g. I had right-side pain which they needed to check.

If you're in agony, go anyway. Get someone to carry you into the appointment if necessary. You need to see the specialist and it's not in your interest to delay.

I'd been admitted to A&E twice before my appointment with the endo. specialist: once for endo pain and a swelling cyst, and the second for a ruptured cyst. They'd run lots of tests and I'd already had a vaginal ultrasound scan prior to my appointment. The endo. consultant put me down for a laparoscopy immediately following my appointment based on my discussed symptoms.

I'm pain free now. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck! x


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