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Endo pain advice please

Hello Ladies,

I have always suffered with my periods and after 13 years I started doing some research. I went to a different doctor and said I have Endometrosis or Polycystic Ovaries. I had an internal ultra sound and was diagnosed with PO. I didn't have the syndrome, just lumpy ovaries. I then pushed for further tests for endo (a woman knows when her body isn't right) I had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with Endo despite the consultant insisting that it's rare to have both. You don't need a medical license to know when your body isn't right. Trust your instincts and keep pushing them.

That was 2 and half years ago, now for the last year and half I have severe hip pain on my left side, pain during sex as if there is something in the way up there and severe pain on my right side yesterday to the point where I was in hospital ruling out an appendicitis. I am being referred back to my gynae however I was kinda hoping it was my appendix at least it would be over after they removed it.

I want to start trying for children next year but I am petrified. I am 27 and moving in with my boyfriend. Life is good apart from this constant worry that I won't be able to be a mummy.

I suppose I am just wanting to know if others out there have had children ok with this condition. That its normal for endo to come back. Any advice on the questions that I should be asking my consultant.

This condition is so unknown to most employers and people don't know how to handle it. Christ even I don't! Feeling very low.

Sorry about the long post :)

K x

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I just saw your post and although I can't give any positive advice about having children. You are definitely right about your body and the fact you can have both, as I do to.

I was told that although id had it removed there is a chance it'll come back. Good luck for you appointment with your consultant x


I got diagnosed with endo, then adenomyosis and fibroids. It was the final two that seemed to be causing me the most pain during sex according to my consultant. I had painful periods for years and got put on the pill straight away which masked lots of the problems for years. I came off it to try for a baby and it took us over a year to conceive, it's inly after having my son that I found I had endo etc. I have two other friends with endo, both have kids so it is possible, just depends on so many factors, like where the endo is etc. I have recently had endo removed plus hysterectomy, and even after that the endo has a small risk of coming back! It's a horrid disease as to everyone on the outside you can look totally fine, but inside you are a mess and in so much pain.

I would push for another lap with endo specialist to have a proper look at what is going on inside, it's the only way to get a true picture of the situation, especially if you want to conceive. Best of luck with it all xxx


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