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Period for 43 day's

Hello I am 51 year old and thought I was just going through menopause, been sent for a scan as I was heavy bleeding for 43 day's having to change a towel every half hour, with pain and clots, scan shows endometriosis 9mm, a large fibroid, right ovary swollen with a simple cyst, I have polycystic ovary syndrome and was diagnosed with endometriosis about 20yrs ago , only ovulate once or twice a year had trouble conceiving , have had bad periods since I was 15yrs old, had one child when I was 29 never used anything and never got pregnant again, they wanted me to have a hysterectomy age 32 but I wanted another baby but never happened, I was put on injections which put me through menopause I on'y had 3 then stopped as I felt so ill with them, my body bloated and I couldn't cope with the hot sweats, I have lost 17lb in weight not sure if this is because of the lengthy period , was given utovlan to stop the bleeding but they didn't work , then transamexic acid was on them for 6 day's and finally the bleeding stopped , so now I am just waiting on the report to be sent to my doctor, but I am scared as reading online 9mm endometriosis is not good and neither is a swollen ovary, just wondered if anyone else has had a similar report and what happened did they have to have a hysterectomy and what happens next will my doctor send me to see a gynaecologist now thanks for any info x

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