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Starting to give up and lose hope

Been for an ultrasound today as I'm still having the same pain as i had when i first had my op. I was in the room for 5 minutes, the guy barely even looked properly.

There apparently isn't any fluid build up or a hernia, there is apparently no reason i should be getting this pain.

I got told by my gp that i have high white blood cells which is a sign of infection but apparently no inflammation showed up on my blood test. I've had high white blood cells every time I've had a blood test. I'm losing the will to live at the minute

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Hi I just want to say keep on being persistent you know your body and something isn't right so keep on asking doctors or see your gyno and make them do more tests! That's something I had to do as the doctors wouldn't listen to me.

Keep your head up and be strong don't give up now I know now feels like the time to but don't!!

Hope everything goes well and good luck x


Thank you. The hospital changed my appointment for my gyne without asking so i have to wait two more weeks until i see them which is frustrating as i needed to see them. Xx

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Hey, you could try ringing for a cancellation if it's possible for you. Or put your name on short notice list if they have one.

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