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Mirena IUS

Morning ladies just a quick question has anyone tried the mirena after having a laparoscopy. I've been looking into this as I do plan on having children in the future and don't want to wait up to a year for my fertility to return which is what can happen if I get the injection. Apparently the mirena can be removed and fertility can return to normal almost instantly it can also stop periods which would be great as mine have been stopping me from going to work recently.



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For some people Mirena is a miracle for others its a nightmare and unfortunately the only way to know for yourself is to give it a try. You will likely find bleeding will increase initially and then settle down within 6-9 months, so you need to be prepared to give it a reasonable trial. As for fertility I have no personal experience but again i believe it's an individual thing with some people reporting almost immediate pregnancy and others having a long wait. Of course your fertility will also depend on other factors such as why you're having issues in the first place, which may affect your fertility with or without mirena.

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I tried it, hated it due to side effects, but as every woman will respond differently to it I would still say it would be worth a try. Some love it, some hate it! xxx


Hi I had the Mirena fitted during the operation. I was in the lucky third who experienced complete cessation of my periods but that happened after 6 weeks of non stop heavy bleeding and hormonal mayhem along with post op blues.

Sadly I believe for me it actually caused pelvic pain as I didn't have that symptom before my op and after 5 months I am long past any operation effects. I am a very slim build and never had kids.

On this basis I have just had it removed I bled the same night but am not sure if this was due to disturbance or a period of sorts. I'm thinking of trying different progestogen format in the hope it does similar.


Thanks for the info everyone, I was like this with the implant which has stopped me from getting another one put in. I think I will discuss it when I go for my pre op assessment and see what they say it would be good to get it fitted in op like you did starry I'm not very good with examinations and people going down there as it's so painful.


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