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Reoccurring itchy hives

I've been diagnosed with endo and possibly adenomyosis. Recently I've been getting red itchy hives every 3-4 weeks. It really bizarre as it's only a recent thing. They come up for a few days on my arms, back, upper legs and shoulders then they go. I've goggled it and apparently women can get hormonal hives. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it could be linked to endo.

Cheers x

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Hi Roxie. Have not heard of hormonal hives but I am having skin issues with hives and itching on a regular basis so there may be something in it. I have endo and adenomyosis and am currently being tested for sjogrens all of which are auto immune I put my hives down to sun allergy ......very frustrating but I will investigate the hormonal element before the sjogrens tests I blamed everything on hormones, sorry I'm not much help but you've given me food for thought. Good luck


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