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Private Endometriosis specialist/surgeon in london

Hello all,

I'm looking for some recommendations from people that have gone private to have a laparoscopy in the south east/London with their endometriosis treatment. Has anyone had one not on the NHS in London and if so where/would you recommend it?

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It is not allowed to name surgeons but it depends on whether you have severe endo or not which generally means stage 3/4/rectovaginal endo. Severe endo must only be dealt with in BSGE accredited endocentres or centres that follow the same criteria. There are a few private centres on the BSGE lists:




Hi Lindle,

Quick question, I am in Wales, do you know if I can get referred to a BSGE centre in England?



Some have done but I'm from England and don't know the referral criteria for going across border. You must be offered the same access to specialised care though wherever you are in the UK. So if there is confirmed severe/rectovaginal endo or non-severe endo that has not responded to treatment in general gynaecology then you must be referred. The RCOG Standards of Gynaecology Care 2016 is very clear on this in the introduction and at section 3. The NHS England contract is now incorporated into those standards and so applies to the whole of the UK.




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