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Troubles of getting fit

Hello guys, actually im soo frustrated with my body :D my body was 65 kg but i did a health lifestyle for myself to lose weight and yea I actually lost weight iam 60kg now , i do workouts everyday but sometimes i find that my body is toned and fit specially in thighs and abs,,and then the day after i find my thigh is much bigger and my abs too is that normal or iam getting fat again :(

Ps : I didn't change my lifestyle and i eat very well till now

Thanks alot

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Hey hun,

I find that the day after going the gym I feel frumpy again, I think it's because when we work out our muscles are tight and toned so that's why we may look better after working out.vMuscle is heavy too so it may not be that you are putting weight on but are building more muscle.

Hope this helps to settle your mind a little xx


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