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Extreme pain and lap

Hi again

I've got a date for my lap, I go in next weds, I'm in extreme pain with severe pelvic pain,it hurts when I go to the bathroom.

I'm taking medication but when I stop or forget the pain comes back worse than ever.

Is there anything else I can do?

What can I expect from the lap.

What's the recovery time, does the Dr come and see you before and after.

I'm worried if they don't find a anything - what will the pain be then

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I have just had a laparoscopy. The surgeon and anaesthetist came to see before the op. The gynaecologist then went to speak to my mum & boyfriend after the op to explain what was found - they were waiting in my room.

She spoke to me also when I had just come round from the anaesthetic but it's all a little hazy.

Sorry you are in so much pain - I have never found any drugs that help - I take mefenamic acid and codrydamol.

I was also worried they wouldn't find endo but they did & its severe.

You know your own body and you know when something's wrong. It's just a shame it takes so long for the docs to listen & to get to Surgery stage.


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