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Poop recall?! Should I worry?

So in the journey of narrowing down what the heck my body is doing - my doc made me do a stool sample and a full STI screen. Screen came back all fine - as expected. I 100% thought the poop would be all ok but the doc rang me today to say I gotta take another one in 6-8 weeks as something wasn't quite right. I couldn't speak to the actual doctor so they're ringing me on monday.

This just adds 1000000000% to my stress levels 😂 is this something to worry about?

Also - will this get in the way of gynae consultant seeing me and going ahead with their investigations? I'm so sick of waiting I just want to be told what all of this is.

I'm in pain nearly every day. Currently curled up with a hot water to my tummy. Pains dull ache can't poop hurts my tummy too much when I try. All because of the brilliance that is ovulation. Ugh

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Hi Nicola,

Sorry to hear your struggling, of course it's natural to worry we are human it's what we do best haha! Until recently when my new lovely gynaecologist explained everything to me I didn't realise how much my endo was affecting my bowels.

I too like yourself can't go as the pain is too much I haven't been able to go properly now in over 3 years 😔 my gynaecologist explained to me that if I'm having an endo flare up my bowels will be affected and if I'm having a bowel flare up my endo will be affected it's a vicious circle. I've been put on endless amounts of laxatives to try and help.

Speak with your gynaecologist about everything I hope they give you the help you need.

I recently brought a mini tens machine which i wear all day at work it's a gods send takes my mind off the pain as much as possible to push through each day.

Hope some of my waffle helps.

Joely x


Never had a stool test but i have all you have.. severe constipation, mucous, pain, diarrhea ect ect .. ill tell you what helps me best is probiotic tablets and apple juice .. Its not a miracalous cure but its better than constant laxitives! Oh and not to forget windeze! You probably have an over-growth of bad bacteria and thats why youve been asked for another! Good luck xx


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