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Not endometriosis?!?!

Hi all, am after some advice. I was given a presumptive diagnosis of endo last November and had a lap which I was told confirmed it in January. I have finally had my follow up appt with the consultant today and he says that my symptoms cannot be related to endo as I only had three small areas which they cut out and therefore I no longer have it?!!! But all my symptoms have fit with the diagnosis?!!! I am left feeling so confused and frustrated?! Has anyone else been in the same position?😫

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It is my understanding that endo can return if even a tiny piece is left in situ after operations. Your consultant should know this. Keep fighting for your health. See another doctor. Get a specialist referral. Good luck.



I was told something similar and I was made to feel like i was making it all up. I got a second opinion and had a third Lap by a much more skilled endo surgeon. He found stage 4 endo so i'm not sure what the other consultant was doing.

If your op was done by a general gynae it might be worth asking for a second opinion, you have the right to go to any NHS hospital if you are in the England. Do your research - you can ask on here but as for people to private message you with their replies.



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