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Newly diagnosed by biopsy. When i have my surgery will they check other areas for endo?

I have my surgery date of 22nd may (dont actually know what type of surgery assume laparoscopy. I was shocked as i dont have the classic endometriosis symptoms so forgot to ask any questions. I have 2 cysts on the same side, the top one can be seen under my skin. I have a few symptoms that could possibly be related. I have severe nausea, stomach and back pains plus frequent urination. I just wondered if during surgery they will check for endometriosis everywhere or will just remove the cysts. I dont even know if i have more endometriosis or just the cysts. So frustrating. My pre op is next week so hopefully will find some answers but thought you lovely lot have personal experience of what im going through. Thanks x

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Are you being treated at a BSGE specialist endometriosis centre? There is a list on the BSGE website if you're not sure xxx


Hi thanks for the reply. No im not. We dont have one locally to me x


Do you have any trouble with diarrhoea/constipation? Especially around time of the month? X


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