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First appointment


I finally have had a letter through for my first consultation with the gynecologist next Tuesday.

My tiredness at the moment is so bad, and lots of bloating. I currently have the coil, has anyone else experienced bloating even with the coil? (I have had a pelvic ultrasound and no cysts were found)

Also what can I expect from my first appointment?

Thank you :D

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Hiya, my first (and only) appointment with the gynae was to discuss treatment options. He asked me about my symptoms and explained my options for diagnosis/treatment and then referred me for a laparoscopy. My gynae never asked much and I wasn't in for long, I had expected more questions and possibly an examination. They may ask for a background of your condition and for a list of your current medication. Hope it goes well x


Should be given transvaginal scan to check for anything eg cysts causing pain ultra sound scan if necessary

Internal examination feel around your tummy,

X-ray, Ct scan are often given or arranged and Mri referral possibly

I can't say for sure this was just what happened at my appointment I was I horrendous pain at time and had been admitted to urology querying stone in kidney and after no stones was then referred to gynea good luck xxxx


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