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Bleeding after hysterectomy

Hiya ladies,

I'm 28 and was diagnosed 2 years ago after years and years of pain and problems. Anyway, I had a hysterectomy last July and I recently started bleeding and the doctors don't seem to think it's an issue. I had both womb and cervix removed but still have my ovaries.

Has anyone else had this issue. I'm really worried it could be an issue with my ovaries but the doctors aren't that bothered.

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Hi, I'm in the same scenario as you. I had a hysterectomy April last year and i still get a period each month. I had my womb, cervix and tubes removed and kept my ovaries. I still have lots of pain, infact more pain than before my hysterectomy and i look like I'm heavily pregnant - I'm always getting congratulations which really upsets me. My consultant also dismissed my pain and said it's not a gynaecology issue as I have had a hysterectomy - i know what you are thinking and yes I was treated at a BSGE centre. I have an appointment today at a different hospital and I'm hoping that they will be able to help. I had an appointment with a general gynae a couple of weeks ago and she confirmed i have endo deposits everywhere which is the reason I still have bleeding every month. I hope things get sorted for you - remember noone knows your body better than you and if you need to get a second opinion i would definitely give it a go. Lots of love xxx


Sorry you're both suffering. I had similar though minimal bleeding after hysterectomy but much worse pain and kept being dismissed by doctors and gynaes. As my hyster was done by General gynae I then got referred to bsge clinic and finally had excision of endo and everything unstuck that had become stuck due to adhesions. Only had op two weeks ago but feel pain is lots better already.

It's about finding a surgeon that believes you that endo is still causing problems after a hysterectomy. I was lucky that it was at a bsge clinic in a London

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