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Hello ladies,

I'm seeing the endometriosis specialist on Friday.

Does anyone know if I have to have another camera in.

I've been on prostrap injection for 6 months which has been a killer. Every month without fail I've had a period. When on prostrap your not supposed to bleed. I'm only asking as I live in Huddersfield West Yorkshire and I have to go to hull to see the specialist.

Thank you



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Do you mean a laparoscopy? That's the one where they knock you out, and put a camera on a tube into your abdomen, through a tiny opening at the base of the abdomen.

If it's a laparoscopy, it's classed as an operation as they do have to put you under, completely, and give you oxygen, keep an eye in your vital body reactions, etc. So they should send you all the guidance for an op, what time to be there, whether to have had food and drink or not, or for how long. If they have not told you all that, then I'm sure it's just an ordinary discussion with the specialist.

They may do an ultrasound (trans-vaginal), but again the letters should specify, as you'd probably going to a different part of the hospital to the Specislists base area.

But, just phone them up and check, they won't mind.


Hi- could tou tell me who it is u r seeing, i am looking for an endo specialist in west yorkshire, i too stay in huddersfield but the only one here seems to be DR Trehan and he doesnt deal with nhs patients 😔


Hello rehanat,

I'm seeing a Mr Phillips he's based in Castle Hill hospital in hull.

He's very nice.




Thanks for replying- ive actually made an appt to c Dr Pickersgill in manchester. He is supposed to be really good so will c how it goes xx


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