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5 months after operation - just wanted a few opinions - still in pain

Hi all,

So I had my op in October and they found endo on my ovarian fossa.

He said they removed it at the time - I had it done by a general gynae although from the sheet it looked like he looked in a lot of places.

However, I had about 3 months where I felt like my pain was loads better, I thought this is it! But now I am just getting pain again, and I am getting pain whilst not on my period, whereas I just used to get severe pain when I was bleeding. For the past week I have had constant pain in the womb, it really feels like something is trapped but can't escape (only way I can think to describe it) I was just wondering if you think its possible they missed some? Or would it really be that quick to grow back? My periods are just as bad.

I am back on the pill and to be honest I don't find it any easier than before my op apart from those couple months.

Thanks :)

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