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What do you think?

So I've had problems with my periods since they started when I was 12...and I wanted to get an opinion from the experts (you guys) on whether you think I should get checked out for potential endometriosis.

I remember it clear as day when I got my first period, you'll see why in a minute. I was on holiday sat on a sun lounger when all of a sudden I had this massive wave of nausea come over me, and I ended up up-chucking then and there right next to the swimming pool. Bad I know. Shortly after I had pain and went to the toilet to discover id started my period. On holiday. Totally unprepared. Just wonderful.

Anyway, in the months/years to come my periods were so debilitating. I would have such severe pain, like and stabbing knotting pain, which would often have me up in the night. It would wake me up it was so bad, and I would throw up every month without fail. I would often spend nights in the bathroom laid on the floor because the pain would have me in sweats and the cool floor would help with the pain as well. Plus I was waiting to be sick before I could go back to bed.

Of course I'd had enough after a while and ended up going to my GP, who ended up prescribing me with the pill. The pill did and has helped greatly, it reduced the pain somewhat and stopped the throwing up. I've been on the pill for...I'd say...6 or 7 years and I'm 21 now. However now I do have a patticular symptom which I didn't used to have. The pain has lessened in intensity generally, but I do sometimes get that pain I used to get. In the last maybe couple years ive experienced severe pain when I use the loo (number 2) or pass wind. Sometimes this is worse than my actual period pain. Sometimes I get shooting pains in my rectum as well, like if I go to sit down or even if I'm just at work itll just happen and in the few seconds it's the worst pain ever. Then it just goes! Happens when I'm not on my period as well, the whole passing wind/toilet pain. I'm not sure if this is normal...but I've read that endometrial tissue can form on the bowel and thought maybe that could be causing it? I don't know...

I would love to hear from anyone who perhaps has had a similar experience or...anyone really! Just feeling worried as I've had this for almost 10 years now...and I know that endometriosis can often go unrecognised and at some point maybe in the next 5-10 years I may want to start thinking about having a family. Any advice here would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you :)

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Im sorry to hear you have been having all these symptoms for such a long time! If your symptoms are getting worse i would suggest you need to go back to your GP. I had very similar symptoms to you i started my periods age 11 then from the age of 14 i suffered with pain, nausea, sickness, pain with bowel movements and wind etc it was feb this year when i had my first lap and got diagnosed i am now 27. I would advise if your symptoms continue you keep going back to you GP until you get a referral i wasnt very persistant when i was younger and i was easily fobbed off.

Annie x

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Find an understanding GP and get checked out. Don't wait.


I also have the going number 2/gas pains and stabbing rectal pains. I have seen a specialist who said it sounds like it could be endo (because of messed up cycles and other symptoms as well) but left it up to me as to when to do a lap to find out. She says if it is found on my bowels it would be a complicated surgery that would need to be done later with someone able to resection the bowels. Ugh. Since the whole thing just terrifies me, I am waiting, but I the pain continues... :(


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